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Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company is an ambassador and representative of culture and arts of the Galilee region and of Israel at large.  The company has made a significant artistic impression on both domestic and international dance.  It is an incredible source of pride for Israel.  Today, nearly 80 dancers live, work and create in the International Dance Village in Kibbutz Ga’aton, Israel under the artistic direction and leadership of Rami Be’er.  These dancers work incredibly hard, committing themselves to their craft and development in fulfilling the dream of visionary and founder Yehudit Arnon; a Holocaust survivor and winner of the Israeli Prize 45 years ago.  Since then, the vision has made an indescribable impact on countless individuals in the name of dance, excellence, and strong core values; all worthy investments to support in creating a better future in Israel.

KCDC is one of Israel’s leading emissaries.  As one of the most prominent dance companies in Israel and across the world, KCDC’s activities exemplify values that are beyond art.  Its activity represents integral values - offering programming in arts and culture to all residents of the region while reinforcing dance in general.  The dance company’s members have mobilized volunteers and community service projects such as a multi-cultural Jewish and Arab project, and working with at risk youth in the International Dance Village’s periphery.  KCDC works towards creating equal opportunities for social advancement and development of the Western Galilee region in which it operates.  As a result, a variety of outstanding programs have been launched.
To support KCDC, contact:

Racheli Ariel
Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company


Over the past year, the activities within the International Dance Village have included:

 • Programs for Advanced Dancers (‘Excellence Program’)
 •  Dance Journey Program for international dancers - In collaboration with The Jewish Agency (Masa Israel)
 • Summer Intensive Dance Program | A 2-week program for students from both Israel and abroad
 • Dance workshops for students from dance academies and centers from across the country
 • A special dance program for at-risk youth
 • A multi-cultural project bringing together Jews & Arabs who share a common love for dance
 • Working with communities with special needs, mentally-ill populations, victims of domestic abuse, and more.

Here Is Where You Come In...

Without consistent financial support of KCDC, simply stated, all of this does not happen.  Without donations from people like you, the company will be unable to continue to promote and develop these important project that endorse dance in Israel for the benefit contribution to the larger community.

We welcome you to open your heart and connect with the vision of KCDC and be among those that enable this dream to continually be realized.

By doing so, you will become active partners that directly influence the promotion of such values such as culture, art, excellence and community outreach; all in one place.

We thank all our Friends of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, including organizations, public institutions and many individuals who support us daily and take part in our development including:

 • Dance Department Chair, Ministry of Culture & Sport
 • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kashtum)
 • MASA Israel (in partnership with The Jewish Agency for Israel)
 • The Kibbutz Movement
 • Mate Asher Regional Council
  • Raya Strauss Ben-Dror, Patron of KCDC
  • The Steinmentz Family
  • The Sagol Family
  • Kibbutz Ga’aton
  • Poalim Bakehila
  • The Galileo Foundation
  • The Angel Foundation
  • Miluout - Corporation for the Development of Haifa Bay Settlements
  • TAG Medical Products
  • IDB Foundation
  • The Marc Rich Foundation
  • Shai Leisrael
  • Kibbutz Sasa
  • Kibbutz Ein HaMifratz
  • Kibbutz Ma’anit
  • ICA in Israel

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company is a registered Non-Profit Organization (ID: 580503613).  Contributions are tax-deductible under Secion 46 A of the Income Tax Ordinance.  

Support options in Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company:

Provide scholarships to outstanding dancers
Provide subsidies for performances to disadvantaged youth
Support project for at risk youth and victims of domestic violence
Support multicultural project which brings together Jewish and Arab youth in joint programs
Contribution towards improvement and development of buildings in the International Dance Village

Without such donations and support, our dance company cannot continue its multitude of activity, creation, and realization of its vision.

“The International Dance Village and Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company is a magnet for cultural development in the Galilee.  It is because of them that there exists an industry of art and culture.  Equally important, the youth in the Galilee is given the opportunity to express itself creatively and its upon us to support and develop them.”  - Raya Strauss

“The combination of the International Dance Village and the exciting artistry of Rami Be’er, brings about a level of unparalleled excellence to the work of Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and a sense of inspiration to all the region’s residents and visitors alike.”  - Roni Tochner

"We have the duty and the privilege to support amazingly ambitious youth and enable them to reach significant achievements that bring honor to our country and contribute to society."  - Tova Sagol